Evidence through research indicates that even longstanding pain can be cured by correction of movement imbalances and adherence to an active exercise regime.

Here at North Devon Physio Jane Cumming has specialised training and many years of experience in assessing, diagnosing and correcting muscle imbalances, inadequate movement patterns and non-optimal biomechanics

We will explain the cause of your pain, teach and guide you through a progressive exercise and rehabilitation regime to help you overcome your symptoms and regain an active lifestyle.

We treat:

  • Longstanding pains or stiffness
  • Overuse injuries for example; runner’s knee, patella tendonitis Achilles tendonosis, surfers shoulder tennis elbow, cyclists anterior knee pain
  • Shin splints compartment syndromes, plantar fasciitis
  • Work and posture related injuries, RSI repetitive strain injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches

North Devon Physio

“Get Better. Move Better. Stay Better!”.
“Live active for longer”.
“Live life to the full”.
“Count the life in your years not the years in your life!”.
“Don’t let your posture give your age away!”.
“Help your body to help itself”.

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