North Devon Physio Case Studies

We put together a selection of case studies to show how North Devon Physio can make a difference to people's injuries.



Maia Dart - Javelin

Maia is ranked in the UK top 10 for her age group in Javelin.
She has been selected to represent Devon 3 times at the English Schools National Athletics Championships and won a Bronze medal representing the South West at the U17 UK School Games in 2016. She has previously been County Champion and South West Champion.
Maia started to experience right shoulder pain and lower back pain at the end of the 2016 season and despite a winter break from throwing and focussing on strength and condition training, the injuries continued to flare up during practice throwing.
There have been a number of benefits to Maia being treated by Jane:
  • Being an elite level athlete herself, Jane understood the mental side of my injury and was able to really help me cope with a period of rehabilitation whilst still focussing on my goals for the upcoming season.
  • I was able to understand the impact that posture and alignment can have on the efficient way my muscles work. I previously had a focus on developing the major muscles for the brutal physical nature of my sport and Jane made me realise the importance of training the smaller muscles, particularly around the shoulder joint.
  • It took me a while to appreciate that Physio is more important for prevention rather than accessing it when injury occurs.
My 2017 season started in May - a month later than I anticipated - but I am throwing pain free; have won 2 bronze medals at the UK Javelin Carnival at the end of May and have been selected to represent Devon Schools at the English Schools National Athletics Championships in Birmingham in July.
I now incorporate my physio exercises into my regular training schedule and I am looking forward to a long career in a physically demanding sport.   

Anaya Evans, Beach volleyball

When I met jane I had been competing at a very high level in both indoor and beach volleyball competing both nationally and internationally. I was having a successful season until I injured my lower back quite severely. It was a very stressful time for me as I felt that without volleyball in my life I wasn't me. Jane began to treat me on a weekly basis and discovered that the cause of my back pain was from an old neck injury, we decided that I need to rest and follow the exercise programme jane has sepcifically designed for me. As well as working with me to correct my muscle imbalances Jane also coached me through the tough time and helped me to refocus my attention to my studies, at the time I was doing my GCSE's.
Jane thought me how to correct and look after my body and helped me to believe in my abilities again. Since this injury I have worked with Jane on many occasions in which she has been more than helpful making time for me at very short notice when I needed it most. After achieving great GCSE results and being able to train again I felt that I was back on track. My GCSE and volleyball results have now secured me a scholarship in one of the best American Universities for beach volleyball, Grand Canyon University.
With out Janes help I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have! Thank you jane!

Toby Watts, Tennis

You Ok? Do you need a hand Toby?”

An ordinary enough question you might say in the morning rush heading out the door. But for my son, aged 11, whose use of his right arm was severely limited this year, the reply had never been so pertinent “Yes please mum, I really would like a hand!”

I was left in a state of despair earlier this year after my son’s sports injury was misdiagnosed and the medical professionals were at odds with how to help him get better. Toby, at the time was 10 and was a keen sportsman enjoying playing tennis, rugby, hockey-anything with a ball really. The initial doctor we visited at A and E dismissed us quickly after scanning the X-rays and ushered us rudely out of the exit telling my son he had a sore elbow and to go away and move it. Toby’s arm never recovered properly despite so many attempts to tell him he was fine and that he ought to be able to get back to everything. His arm was weak and painful at the elbow mainly and seemed to cause confusion amongst medical professionals. One physiotherapist worked on movement and gave my son a weight training regime which unfortunately, in the end, only made the matter worse. Visits to numerous GP’s and Consultants followed, and each struggled to diagnose and therefore direct us effectively towards a course of treatment. All the while my son was in increasing pain and in the end unable to use his right arm completely, despite his best efforts to follow what he had been told to do. Toby was in severe pain some 4 months after his initial injury and now was still unable to return not only to the sporting activities he enjoyed, but even simple tasks like writing and eating had become impossible.

By now he was effectively disabled but my suspicion that Toby was suffering with some kind of nerve pain led me to search for Jane Cumming, a local physiotherapist based in Braunton who I desperately hoped could resolve Toby’s problem. Jane was amazing from start to finish in her treatment for Toby. Her approach was so thorough, methodical and caring. She was clearly experienced and confident in dealing with children and had the expertise to deal with a complicated case that others had been wary to tackle. At last I had found someone who I could trust to get on with the job of getting my son’s arm moving again. She identified that the underlying cause of the elbow pain was nerve tension due to severe muscle imbalance as a result of a growth spurt and Toby’s biomechanics. Treatment involved explaining, hands on and careful, progressive muscle retraining and movement re-education for his neck, right hand, elbow, shoulder and core.

Toby is well on his way now to a full recovery and is back to all the sports he loves including rugby, hockey and tennis. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Jane for all her help and hard work with Toby and recommend to other parents of children with similar problems, the outstanding physiotherapy she provides.

Get Better. Move Better. Stay Better!