About North Devon Physio

North Devon Physio is headed by Jane Cumming who has in excess of 24 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the treatment, rehabilitation and complete recovery from all types of injuries, aches, pains, and movement imbalances.

From acute, new injuries to longstanding pain, disability and postural problems,

She has helped people from every sector of society from all age groups and all levels of activity to regain their healthy active lifestyles, whether that’s simply normal daily activities, recreational sports or elite athletes.

We conduct Expert assessments to diagnose the cause of your symptoms and to create an individualised and holistic treatment programme with advice and exercises tailored to suit your needs to help you achieve complete recovery.

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Is a physical approach to treat pain, disability, movement imbalance and disease, correcting and improving the body’s natural healing mechanisms and facilitating your complete rehabilitation and return to a full active lifestyle.

Get Better. Move Better. Stay Better!

Research shows that Movement is Medicine and

Good Movement reduces pain and that beautifully balanced muscle activity is pain free.

“Get Better. Move Better. Stay Better!”

“Live active for longer”

“Live life to the full”

“Count the life in your years not the years in your life!”

“Don’t let your posture give your age away!”

“Help your body to help itself”