After having spinal surgery following an accident, I was told by my surgeon that I would not need physiotherapy. As time went on my pain increased as the muscles supporting my spine started to stiffen. I was also limping as the nerves to my left calf muscle had been damaged.

I was treated on the NHS for several months. I explained to my physiotherapist that my neck felt very stiff. I was told ‘it was probably the way I slept’. I was discharged at this point.

Ten months later and my physical health remained the same. I had little energy although I did exercise regularly.

Jane’s name arose many times. People always praised her work and the successful outcomes her physiotherapy sessions had achieved. So I made an appointment.

I started weekly treatments until my pain decreased and became manageable. Four months later and I feel virtually pain free. The stiffness has reduced significantly. I have even started running again due to a considerable energy boost! I feel almost as I did before my accident.

Client with a spinal injury

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