Jane is the best kept secret in physiotherapy. 10 years ago I started to find movement becoming more difficult and by 5 years ago I was starting to shuffle like a person a decade older. I have used chiropractors all my life to fix immediate problems very successfully but have never found anybody before that has been able to pinpoint and solve the underlying problems. This is Jane’s skill. She is able to diagnose why you move as you do (or don’t move as you should) or just plain hurt. It is all about using the right muscles for the job. Over time and because of injuries or bad habits, the body can learn to use the wrong muscles causing pain and making it difficult to move properly. Once diagnosed, she teaches you to teach your body to use its muscles in the right way to rebuild movement and cure pain. She has helped me believe that I don’t have to accept restricted movement as an inevitable side effect of old age and has helped me to feel that I can move like a person a decade younger not a decade older.